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Celebrating 25 Years of Climax Jerky!

Has it been 25 years already? Wow, what a journey! When I think back on all the hard work our Climax Jerky team has put in, all the delicious strips of jerky we’ve made and all of the customers we’ve delighted, I am in awe of everything we’ve accomplished. 

Beginning Our Ascent

I started Climax Jerky in 1999 high atop Fremont Pass across from Climax Molybdenum Mine. At the time, I was managing a restaurant in Keystone, CO and dreaming of opening up my own business. However, starting a new restaurant is a notoriously difficult task.

Around the same time, I visited a friend who was selling jerky in nearby Kremmling. I was immediately intrigued. Unlike a restaurant, a jerky business would be quicker to get up and running. After some time to think and pray, I decided to give it a go. 

Our original roadside stand on Fremont Pass was an immediate success. We were inspired by the natural beauty of Colorado and the game animals of the American West. As active outdoor lovers, we wanted to provide a healthy, portable, high-protein snack. We focused on selling all-natural jerky made from the best cuts of meat — not only beef but buffalo, elk, venison and more. We used only whole muscle meat (never chopped or formed) and experimented with enticing flavors like teriyaki, habanero, honey and more. 

Reaching Our Peak

Word spread, and we were soon appearing in newspapers around Colorado. We were even featured in Men’s Journal Best of the Road 2007. We continued to sell across from the mine during summer weekends, and we opened a year-round location in Breckenridge along with regular appearances at farmers markets, festivals and events across Colorado. 

I credit our longevity to the simple, but strong foundation I established from the start: always be professional, keep expenses low and pay all the bills on time. This foundation enabled us to grow into the popular and well-loved business we’ve become, and I know it will guide us as we plan for our future. 

Mens Journal

When I look back over the last 25 years, I always knew I would be a business owner. It just took finding the right business that was going to provide financially and personally. Who would have thought it would have been jerky? God knew though! I am so grateful to my family, my employees and all the customers who’ve helped us build Climax Jerky into Colorado’s best gourmet jerky business! 

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