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Climax Jerky Subscription Options

You know the feeling: you are packing for your next hike, but when you open the cupboard, you discover you’re all out of Climax Jerky! You were going to order more last week, but you got busy, and it slipped your mind.

  • Burbon Beef Jerky
    Bourbon Beef Jerky
    $14.50 available on subscription

Fear not! We know how hard it can be to go without your favorite protein fuel. That’s why we designed our jerky subscription service. We will send a new order to your door on schedule, and you will never run out again.  

We make it easy with three convenient subscription options, so you can schedule your shipment based on time frame that works best for you:

  • Every two weeks
  • Every month
  • Every two months

Jerky subscriptions are available for many of our top flavors, including Honey Glazed Beef Steak Jerky, Bourbon Beef Jerky, Hickory Smoked Buffalo Jerky, Peppered Elk Jerky, and more!

To sign up, simply select your subscription preference when you are shopping, and we will start your subscription at checkout. It is also easy to add more flavors, update your preferences and cancel if your needs change.

Subscribe to Jerky Packages 

We also offer subscriptions for our curated Jerky Packages! Sign up and you’ll receive a variety pack of our signature treats. 

  • honey beef jerky
    Best Seller Package
    $48.50 available on subscription

Best Seller Package 

This package features our top jerky flavors in one single shipment, including: 

  • Smoked elk (4oz)
  • Smoked buffalo (3.25oz)
  • Honey glazed beef (4oz)

Give a Subscription as a Gift!

Do you know someone who loves jerky? Are you doing last minute holiday or birthday shopping? You can now give our jerky subscriptions as a gift! Once you add a subscription to your cart, just check “This is a gift” at checkout and add the lucky recipient’s shipping address and email. They’ll love to get our treats delivered to their door. Maybe, they’ll even share!

Jerky of the Month Club 

With this 3-month subscription package, you’ll receive a mix-and-match shipment of 2 beef, turkey or salmon meats, as well as 2 selections of game meat. This is a perfect gift for adventurous eaters.  

Other tasty options include: 

Don’t wait until your supply runs out. Sign up for a Jerky Subscription today!

  • honey beef steak jerky
    Jerky of the Month Club
    $49.95 / month
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