Climax Jerky February Newsletter

red hot beef jerkyLooking to spice up your love life? Turn up the heat with our Habanero Beef Jerky. Generously flavored with habanero, a chili pepper renowned for its addictive fire, this jerky will have your sweetheart begging for more.

If that’s too intense for you, try our Spicy Elk Jerky instead. Smoked with hickory, black pepper and just a hint of red pepper, this kippered-cut jerky smolders without overpowering the rich flavor of the elk.

We also offer a tender Smoked Spicy Buffalo Jerky, with just enough pepper in the seasonings for a little kick.

Jerky is the perfect gift for your guy on Valentines Day. After all, what guy really wants a box of chocolates?

With jerky, you can pick the flavor that best suits your man’s personality.

  • A little wild? Get him some Venison, Elk or Wild Boar Jerky.
  • Sweet? Choose from our Honey Glazed Steak Jerky or any one of our Teriyaki or Smoked Teriyaki jerkies.
  • Is he traditional? Try our Smoked Pork or Peppered Beef Jerky.

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But jerky isn’t just for the guys. Women also love the low-fat, high-protein treat. In fact, jerky is a healthy and portable snack the whole family can enjoy. Our tender, Honey-glazed Steak Jerky is a favorite with the kids.

With Climax Jerky, your Valentines Day will be anything but ordinary.

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